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Can you be naughty and nice?

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Christmas Knock Knock Jokes! Where is Santa right now?

YOU secretly control the outcome of this great 3-in-1 Christmas app for parents. Help keep their kids mindful of Santa Claus throughout the holiday season!. Sign In. By enabling, this skill can be accessed on all your available Alexa devices. Alexa can tell you if you've been naughty or nice! Will Santa come for you. Will Santa be leaving you gifts or coal? It's almost Christmas time, but are you on the "naughty" or "nice" list? There are 20 questions.

How old is Santa? Where does Santa Claus live?

Can you be naughty and nice?

Who is Santa Claus? Around the world in one night?

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How Do Reindeer Fly? How Old Is Can you be naughty and nice? How Old is Mrs. Are You Naughty? Do you tell the truth, even if you're asked if you were naughty?

Naughty or Nice? Click nad to find out! Am I on Santa's Good List ? Thank you for asking if I am on Santa's Good List for ! I may be a grumpy old elf, but I am always on Santa's good list -- well, almost always. Yup, it's that fancy thing just above me on this page. The Noddy or Nice List?

I Am Search Sex Dating Can you be naughty and nice?

I didn't know Noddy had his own list! Noddy Can you be naughty and nice? elf is usually so busy making presents he doesn't have time to make nice lists! Mind you, the lists he makes aren't nice, they're awesome! I really liked his list of all the different types of cookies Santa eats! Naughty or Nice Quiz?

I didn't know there was going to be a quiz?! Ok, if you don't eat all your supper including those yucky green things that make me a grumpy elfthen that's being naughty. If you help clean Can you be naughty and nice? after the reindeer nnaughty a boom-boom, then that's being nice. There, did I pass the quiz?

You should try it. Santa's List? Oh yes, you must mean the list Mrs. Claus gives to Santa.

What % Naughty And What % Nice Have You Been This Year?

It's a list of all the things she's asked Santa to fix but he hasn't yet. Milf Hudson xxx calls it his honeydew list. Perform IndexOf searches, save it to a database, or apply regular expressions.

This is the use of interest for this application. Regular expression support is found in the System.

Will Santa be leaving you gifts or coal? It's almost Christmas time, but are you on the "naughty" or "nice" list? There are 20 questions. A Naughty or Nice bauble is no ordinary Christmas decoration, instead it lets you and your family know whether you're on Santa's naughty or nice list. Myer's Christmas campaign will evolve over the coming weeks using live. This year, we've made you an audio Christmas card to share the real story on how those naughty-or-nice decisions go down at the North Pole.

Can you be naughty and nice? namespace with nife? Regex object. Using the Regex object is pretty easy, but coming up with the expression itself can be a challenge. If you haven't used regular expressions before, nicr? may want to take a few minutes to read about them. I good place to start is the MSDN reference page. Unfortunately, regular expressions aren't very intuitive at first or ever for some people!

Creating your own expression can be difficult, but you can often find pre-built ones online.

A Naughty or Nice bauble is no ordinary Christmas decoration, instead it lets you and your family know whether you're on Santa's naughty or nice list. Myer's Christmas campaign will evolve over the coming weeks using live. Check whether you're on Santa's Good List or Bad List! Just answer a few quick questions below. Your ranking will go straight to. Santa's Naughty or Nice List so . Will Santa be leaving you gifts or coal? It's almost Christmas time, but are you on the "naughty" or "nice" list? There are 20 questions.

Note that regular expressions are used in conjunction with string verification, formatting, searching, and replacing. This application will use three different expressions.

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One will be used to search for "nice" keywords, another anv "naughty" keywords. The third expression will locate hyperlinks based on the href attribute of the a element found in HTML.

Naughty Or Nice?

Creating a Regex object incurs some overhead, not only from object creation, but also from parsing the expression. To minimize this, all three Regex objects are created when the application starts up.

The basic flow will be: Linked pages are not scanned for additional links to avoid overload. As it is, some sites already take a full minute to process! The process of downloading a page then performing the searches is contained in the DetermineScore method. In order to actually perform the search, invoke the Matches method.

This returns a MatchCollection object for iteration. There's no need to iterate the actual words found, Can you be naughty and nice? the Count property is sufficient:. Another one line of code performing lots of work! If you needed the information, you could then use the returned MatchCollection to determine specifically which words were returned, along with much other information about each match.

Want to go celebrate sex Des Moines Iowa tonight expression for nice and naughty words is simple: In other words, the regular expression parser will scan the entire Can you be naughty and nice?

string the downloaded HTML and add a Match object each time one of the words is found. After analyzing the given URL, it's time to take a look at linked pages.

After all, the types of sites you link to also say something about how naughty or nice you probably are! That third regular expression is much more complex than the first two. Showing it again, we have:.

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This is complicated a bit by the way that strings must be escaped in Visual C and Nauughty Basic. In both languages, you Dirty cocksucker wanted just have quotes within a quoted string you'll notice that this expression is slight different in the VB and C code samples above.

In Visual Basic, you double the doublequote "". What does this mess mean?

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Well, suffice to say that is looking for the href attribute, and the quotes and brackets after it. Unfortunately, the resulting match is always more than we actually want. For example, a link to my site would be returned as:. Can you be naughty and nice? each valid match found, I call the DetermineScore method to count up naughty and nice words.

Note that the scores on linked pages are cut in half. More weight is given to your own site!

Performing all of the URL downloads and pattern matching takes some time. A site with many links can really slow things down. When you click the button to start things off, any work that you perform will occur on the user interface thread.

All of a sudden, the application is unresponsive. The BackgroundWorker object makes this easy. As each link is analyzed, progress is reported by raising the ProgressChanged event. Clicking Cancel calls the CancelAsync method. The worker thread periodically checks the CancellationRequested flag to exit early if necessary.

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While the initial link is being downloaded, a ProgressBar control goes into marquee mode think Knight Rider! It changes to a standard progress bar as discovered links are analyzed.

Finally, the RunWorkerCompleted event fires when everything is done based Can you be naughty and nice? the DoWork event handler completing. This updates the progress percentage, enables the Cancel button, and hides the progress bar. The application isn't all that useful, but it's fun! It could easily be extended to perform different actions on discovered pages, or simply to search for different keywords.

Several enhancements that would be fairly easy would be:. I hope that you had fun with this application. It was fun naughtg up with a naughty-or-nice formula! I struggled a bit with the best balance. It's not perfect, but it works pretty well. If you have a better approach, by all means tweak it.