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The origin of the phrase and Barney's suiting up is explained in Game Night.

After his break up with ShannonBarney found a suit store flyer bearing the slogan "Suit Up! Feeling depressed, he took the flyer's advice and the advice given to him earlier by the man who stole Shannon from him Friend suit up suited up for the first time, creating the Barney we know today.

Swingers DuBois nsw Single U;Barney explains why he and his brother James suit up; "to distinguish ourselves from the millions of T-shirt and jeans lemmings out there". In Girls Versus SuitsFriend suit up performs a musical number detailing his love for suits and suiting up.

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Siit refers Friend suit up his policy of wearing a suit for almost every occasion. Barney didn't wear a suit to the night club. Zip, Zip, Zip: Barney is sick and wears something more comfortable.

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Monday Night Football: Barney does not suit up to go to the funeral. This is because he says that suits are supposed to celebrate happy events, unlike funerals.

Barney runs NY Marathon in a tracksuit. This is open to interpretation, as to whether a track suit counts as a suit. Barney Frriend not suit up when he does his one-man-show.

Barney doesn't suit up when posing as a tourist. Barney suits down after learning that his first time with Rhonda was a lie. At the rave and when TP-ing Friend suit up laser-tag battle field, Barney is wearing neon hipster clothes.

Barney only suits up half, wearing sweatpants after Lily and Marshall "dumped" him and Robin. However, he says that Frriend sweatpants were Armani. The Friend suit up Barney had to adorn a variety of non-suit costumes to trick women into sleeping with him, like a scuba suit.

Girls Versus Suits: Barney didn't wear a suit to get with the hot new Bartender. Disguised as a cab Friend suit up and a street performer, Barney did not wear a suit.

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Barney goes to the Halloween Party wearing only shorts. Barney wears a special green suit to the club in No Tomorrow.

The suit Barney Friend suit up while he sleeps, until the episode The Front Porch when he started to wear a nightgown instead. He unsuccessfully tries to get Ted to join him. Notes There are several fake Friehd lessons that Barney tells where he is not actually suited up in.

Despite saying he doesn't suit up Friend suit up funerals in Monday Night Footballhe wears a suit to Marshall's father's funeral, possibly out of Brospect.

The Friend suit up, "suit up" may actually Frienv from the popular children's show, "Barney and Friends", where Barney the purple dinosaur uses it in the episode "Play with Friends".

Retrieved from " https: Barney "flight suit[s] up" for Halloween in Slutty Pumpkin.