September 2013- Badger Globe Credit Union

Rolling out shared branching, championing credit union advocacy, and supporting the community are just a few of the things that have kept us busy at Badger Globe Credit Union this summer!

Earlier this year we joined the CO-OP Shared Branch network and through our new partnership, our members can now conduct business on their accounts at thousands of locations around the world. Currently, the Shared Branch network offers members over 5,100 physical branches and 2,000 7-Eleven kiosks and that number is growing everyday! This is proving to be a real convenience for our members who travel or live out of the area.

As a Shared Branch, we also elected to serve other network credit unions’ members at our office. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from these guest members and many are excited that Shared Branches are finally popping up here in the Fox Valley. We’re pleased to offer credit union members this service and we’re proud to be part of this collaborative network.

Badger Globe Credit Union members combined efforts with our staff over the past few months to BGCUDon'tTaxdefend credit unions’ tax status. Together, we made an astounding 2,000+ contacts to lawmakers through letters, emails, and phone calls during the Don’t Tax My Credit Union campaign. We raised awareness for the campaign by posting Don’t Tax information in our lobby, on our website, and in our newsletter. We also held a Don’t Tax brat fry and several staff casual days, which raised over $350 for Wisconsin Credit Union Legislative Action Fund (WCULAF). With the support of our members and staff, we are taking credit union activism to the next level and making an impact on this significant issue!

Summer is the perfect time to get out and connect with the community. At Badger Globe, we are dedicated to giving back and we found many ways to get involved with our community this season. We held monthly fundraising drives for charities at our branch, volunteered at local BGCUWDorganizations like food pantries, churches and counseling centers, and participated in charity walk/runs. Some of our team was even brave enough to compete in the Warrior Dash 5k mud run in August to help raise money for St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital. We’ll do just about anything we can when it comes to supporting a great cause!


August 2013- Evergreen Credit Union

Evergreen Credit Union is dedicated to helping people succeed and we thrive on community outreach opportunities. So much in fact, that our staff created H.U.G.S. (Help Us Give to otherS) as a way to organize fund-raising events like bake sales, staff blue jean days, and our oEvergreen1wn unique “Big Buck$” held every fall hunting season. With the help of our generous members and credit union visitors, we are able to help many local organizations and charities.

We encourage our Seedling Club members (age 12 & under) to give back too. During our annual summer member appreciation cook-out, they host a refreshment stand which benefits Cool For School in partnership with Community Clothes Closet. This program helps area disadvantaged families prepare for the coming school year with new supplies, backpacks, and clothing.

Emily Wisnefske, Chelsea Golden, and Kathy Tessen from our staff provided outstanding leadership and mentored Seedling Club members, who now know how good it feels to make a positive difference in someone’s life.

Evergreen Credit Union also helps our members and environment grow by utilizing and encouraging green environmental practices whenever possible.

We celebrate Earth Day every year with games and award earth-friendly prizes. This is also aEvergreen2 perfect opportunity for us to promote e-Statements, e-Alerts and e-Notices. To enhance our eco-experience, the staff wore organic t-shirts too.

Also, thanks to a very resourceful member, we’ve been collecting recyclable products for months, which will directly benefit local elementary schools.

Our vision is to create lifelong relationships that capture our members’ imaginations. We are proud to be member owned, community grown.

July 2013- Lakeview Credit Union

Lakeview Credit Union invests in local summer events with time, talent and money. From Mr. Pickles performance at Future Neenah’s Out to Lunch in Shattuck Park to the Town of Menasha’s Family Entertainment series to the Turtle Days Festival at Heckrodt Wetland Reserve in the city of Menasha, it’s the season to support the community and share the good news of “Money Made Easy” from LCU.

Out_to_Lunch_Mr_Pickes072713TnofMenasha_Cookee copy

June 2013- Best Advantage Credit Union

Community involvement is what credit unions are all about, and this summer Best Advantage is launching something pretty cool in their local communities. “Flix in the Stix” will be debuted in a local park this summer and put on by Best Advantage. Our team and the mobile entertainment system will travel throughout our area creating opportunities for communities to come together, enjoy free entertainment and become more familiar with BACU and other locally owned businesses and organizations. Communities are becoming more distant socially due to smart phones, tablets, and other technology. Flix in the Stix will allow these communities to come together and allow Best Advantage to build CU Spotlight 1relationships with them. We will look to partner with other local organizations like; Boy Scouts, High School groups, and other organizations to do fundraising at the events by selling concessions. The best part, the program can be used by other credit unions! All credit unions face the challenge of connecting with their local community regardless of size. Flix in the Stix can start building connections one neighborhood, town, city or rural area at a time. We’ve made it possible for other credit unions to rent the equipment to pull off their own Flix in the Stix event and once again collaborate.

At Best Advantage we pride ourselves on being able to spread the credit union difference and be a voice in the industry. Over the past year we have had some great things happen at Best Advantage. Mitchell Michiels a young professional at Best Advantage was able to attend National GAC and hike the hill with other fellow Wisconsinites and CU people from all over the country. It was a great opportunity for him as he was selected by the Cooperative Trust’s “Crash” group. Usually Best Advantage isn’t able to send someone to this so it was a great opportunity for Mitchell and Best Advantage as he brought back a lot of energy and passion, as well as getting the credit union word out to our legislature.

Don Emmer another one of our young professional’s at Best Advantage had the opportunity to attend NCUF’s CUDE (Credit Union Development Education) program in the beginning of May. He was able to earn the Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation scholarship to attend this event. This was a great opportunity as well. DE is a program that dives deep into CU Spotlight 2credit union history, philosophy, how credit unions are helping in other countries, and why they need to stick around for the long run. The program is filled with credit union knowledge and activities with a diverse group of individuals from all over the world. Don came back extremely energized and spread the word not only to the Best Advantage team, but told every person he came in contact with at convention about the program and why they need to attend. It’s great to have a team member attend something like this because they can re-energize your entire team and educate them on what the credit union difference/movement is all about.

Whether it’s looking for different and creative ways to get involved in your community, educating law makers and politicians on what credit unions stand for, or diving deeper than just your bottom line and getting a better understanding of what credit unions are here to do; Best Advantage is off to a great start in 2013!!

May 2013- Unison Credit Union

At Unison Credit Union, we start with you. Supporting local organizations, participating in arUnison In the Spotlight 1ea events and educating all generations, the Unison family prides itself on starting with you not only for your finances but community service too! We enjoy all of our experiences, but we especially love educating the younger generation about being financially smart. Our Classroom Credit Union program began in 1993 in a few second grade classes. This year we expanded on the CCU program to include additional financial education lessons in a variety of grades. We were present in 43 classrooms in three school districts. That is nearly 1,000 students we are teaching to get a good financial start!

Our unique collaboration with the local high schools helps us reach the Y & Z generations. Business students work over the lunch periods at credit union branches located iUnison Ghost Branch Updatesn their respective commons. The branches serve as learning labs and provide a financial education opportunity in a professional, real world environment for the students. We also have some fun with them too! Our recent Prom Club promotion encourageUnison In the Spotlight 2d students to “Save Cash for the Big Bash”. They made deposits for a chance to win prizes such as gift certificates for dinner, tickets to prom and a limo ride for the night!

Teaching financial responsibility continues Unison’s commitment to giving back to the communities we serves and lives up to our industry mantra: Not for profit, not for charity, but for service…and we’ll have a little fun while doing it!

April 2013- Fox Communities Credit Union

This month we’re featuring Fox Communities Credit Union, who just celebrated their 75th anniversary in 2012. Like most credit unions, Fox Communities puts on monthly seminars and they do internal drives at their branches. Many of their events are done collaboratively with multiple credit unions. They also support our local communities in a number of ways, some of which are shared here.

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