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Married girls Kiana Wanting Dick

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Married girls Kiana

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On December 7,in the ancient castle deep in gifls dense forest of the Northern Europe, Kiana was born in Married girls Kiana snowy winter day. Kiana began to accept the Houkai control experiment in but didn't show the ability of the Shania family, only the Kaslana family's Houkai resist.

Inwhen protecting the people in the village, Kiana was scratched Martied injured and asked the father: My little Kiana! Inthe Second Impact appeared and Cecilia sacrificed herself. Three months Married girls Kiana, Siegfried took Kiana to escape the Destiny organization and went to the northernmost place to investigate the "Far East Attack Event".

InSiegfried disappeared, leaving only one sentence, "I am going Married girls Kiana explore the origin of Houkai". In the stalemate of the battle, Himeko intends to start the Nexus System for the decisive battle.

Freya Church.

In front of Married girls Kiana overwhelming absolute power, all of Kiana group members have lost. Finally, the world is under the power of the Ultimate Herrscher and has been destroyed actually reset.

Kiana was Kana in a castle deep in the dense conifer forests of northern Married girls Kiana on a snowy winter day. Her mother, Cecilia Schariac, the purest cousin of the Schariac family, has a strong ability to control Honkai power.

Kiana inherited her mother's beautiful appearance and her father's powerful resistance to Houkai. By the time Kiana was 12 years old, the Houkai power from Married girls Kiana ability inside Kiana ran wild, which resulted in Siegfried's death while sealing the power. In the end, Mei was disarmed by Kiana with the unidentified power to break the 3rd Herrscher wings.

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Freya Academy. Leprechaun Gun: This is a special gun giels is very lightweight, has Infinite Ammo and very high fire rate, suitable for mass killing low-level zombies, it also Married girls Kiana the ability change into a sword.

Thor's Hammer: A huge revolver with very high armor piercing, impact power and damage, capable of OHK any low level to a medium level enemy. It's also know that this weapon have very high durability as Kiana Marfied this weapon to parry "Black Shadow" sickle Married girls Kiana.

Kiana's Phone: She first used it Married girls Kiana H-Day time counter, later used it for checking if nearby people were alive, receiving missions and text chatting.

Chameleon Hairclip: Iconic item that Kiana usually puts on her hair, otherwise would hang it to her phone.

It can also be used to identify the Fake and Real Kiana needs verification. They're dancing in the shadow Like the whisper of love Just Married girls Kiana of Married girls Kiana place Where they're free as a dove They've never been allowed To love in this cursed girle It's only the fairy tale. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Contents [ show ]. Retrieved from " https: Married girls Kiana Save. They're dancing in the shadow Like the whisper of love Just dreaming of a place Where they're free as a dove They've never been allowed To love in this cursed cage It's only the fairy tale This is the reference to "It's Only The Fairy Tale" music.