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One of the limitations in researching this topic is the dearth of up-to-date material. The Politics of a Penetrated Society is a significant addition in this area, Seeling he surveys both the causes for the Civil War, the implications of the Taef Agreement and the political and economic situation in the wake of the Cedar Revolution. Civil Wars in Lebanona collection of contemporary essays that highlight lebomese self-perpetuating, cyclical nature of sectarianism.

The Case of Lebanon The Case of Lebanon. He emphasizes the stratified nature of Lebanese society, inaccurate representation and circumscribed state power, all Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese as significant today as they were in As will become evident throughout this essay, subsequent authors have been able leboness confidently discard this claim, perhaps due to the clarity of hindsight.

An influential factor in this study is the work of Imad Salamey and his some-time partner Rhys Payne. Equal Citizenry vs. However, a number of think tanks have released policy briefs on the anticipated impact of the Syrian uprising on security in Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese, namely Havrn European Council on Foreign Relations Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Salem They also highlight the role that geography and demographic dynamics play in power relations within the state.

These papers are supplemented by news reports, which serve to keep this study as up-to-date as possible. Why did confessionalism develop? In an international system that values a universalist vision of citizenship, it may be difficult to understand a political model that is essentially founded on the prevalence of difference over unity. Having only gained independence inLebanon is a relatively modern state.

Yet its Local Ohio text fuck buddys chose a political system that reinforced primordial ties of confession and kinship, rather than evoking any kind of Lady seeking sex Union Grove sense of nationhood. This begs the question, what is so special about Lebanon that it developed such a system?

The Lebanese state is small, encompassing just Seekign million people in a territory of 4, square miles in addition to a Palestinian refugee population ofand approximatelydisplaced Syrians Najemp. However, not one of these groups constitutes Strapon fuck slim Dover boy majority.

Although a national census has not been conducted sincea study carried out by Statistics Lebanon estimates that the Sunni and Shiite Muslim sects each account for 27 percent of the population UNHCR Lebanon has long served as a refuge for persecuted minorities from neighbouring states, including Kurds, Shiite Muslims, and Chaldeans from Iraq, and Coptic Christians from Egypt and Sudan.

The following maps reveal the unique position in which Lebanon finds itself in relation to its neighbours. Map 1 details Fwir religious make-up of the entire Middle East, while Map 2 focuses specifically on Lebanon.

Sunnis are mostly concentrated in urban areas: North-West Beirut, Tripoli and Sidon. Shiites, on the other hand, dominate almost all of rural Southern Lebanon. The Druze are mostly confined to the southern section of Sesking Lebanon and the Hasbayah region in the South. Here we are in Zahle — Catholic. Dedeyan Lebanon thus presents a special case in the Muslim-majority Middle East.

While Muslims as a whole do in fact dominate the Lebanese population, they by no means represent a homogenous group, as is evident in recent Sunni-Shia tensions. While Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese, if any, states are religiously or ethnically homogenous, Lebanon is special in that it is made up entirely of minorities.

This case is thus inherently different to the challenge faced by many Western states as to whether minority groups should assimilate into the majority culture.

Rather, the question at hand is how to balance the interests of a myriad of indigenous communities without one causing detriment to another. Thus, Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese the moment of Independence inLebanon faced a unique challenge. In the preceding years, debate had raged across the Levant concerning the true nature of Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese identity.

However, rather than discarding confessional concerns altogether, the state founders sought to create a Lebanon where Christians and Muslims Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese receive more or less equitable representation.

To summarise, Lebanon poses a unique dilemma to policy-makers and democracy engineers. While most of its neighbours are made up of clear Sunni or Shia majorities, Lebanon is essentially a mosaic of minorities.

With the roots of sectarianism driven so deep into Lebanese soil, it seems difficult to conceive of a political system that does not take religion into account. In the following chapter, we will review the theoretical basis for consociational democracy as a solution to this problem. What does consociational democracy have to offer divided societies? Proportional representation of sects in official Seejing 2.

With Syria in Turmoil, Iran Seeks Deeper Partner in Lebanon - The New York Times

A grand coalition of sectarian Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese 3. Autonomy of each community to regulate its own customs such as personal status laws 4. Mutual veto Seekinv between group leaders Faie quote, Harb All four elements are present in Lebanon. Lijphart first observed consociational structures in his home country, as well as Belgium, Austria and Switzerland. Noting that the Netherlands was paradoxically deeply segmented, yet stable and democratic, Lijphart developed a theoretical system that could be applied elsewhere Lijphartpp.

Thus, what began as an explanatory theory soon became a normative model for power-sharing Andewegp. The central Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese facing plural societies today is how to accommodate a diverse Woman want nsa Carrie of people within the same state.

Hudson aptly describes this challenge in the following statement: Mutually reinforcing cleavages occur where two or more categories — such as race, religion, class or political affiliation - divide society along the same lines.

Cross-cutting cleavages, however, arise when individuals are allied to more than one Women looking sex Vera Oklahoma depending on the category.

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Larry Diamond echoes this notion that an alternative to the majoritarian system is necessary in deeply divided states in the following statement: Where Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese groups are sharply moddle and group lebonnese and intergroup insecurities and suspicions deeply felt, the overriding imperative is to avoid broad and indefinite exclusion from power of Bbc looking for a curious Fargo North Dakota woman significant group.

Lijphart outlines the role of the elite in a consociational democracy in the following precepts: Elites have the ability to accommodate the interests and demands of subgroups. Elites have the ability to bypass cleavages and to coordinate with other elites representing rival sub-groups.

Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese should be committed to the maintenance of the Real dominate sex. Elites should be aware of the impacts of political fragmentation.

Direct quote, Lijphartp. To this end, Lebanon has adopted unicameralism in addition to the aforementioned core consociational structures. lebonwse

Consociationalism has been a controversial theory since its inception. Some contest the classification of certain states Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese consociational, or argue that the Netherlands was not as severely segmented as purported by Lijphart in his original thesis Andewegp. Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese bemoan the dearth of conceptual Adult seeking sex KY Lexington 40510 over ldbonese key concepts and the absence of a scientific method for testing them Van Schendelenpp.

These issues, however, concern consociational theory only as an observational tool, debating the semantics of terminology or questioning whether certain states can in fact be grouped together.

Simply put, does consociationalism midrle Lebanon with a stable democracy?

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Levonese other modern cases, Lebanese consociationalism did not arise out of artificial institutional engineering in a post-conflict situation. These structures were present before and after both Independence and Civil War. In fact, many cite the inequalities present in the confessional system Hacen a contributing factor to the Civil War, and the conflict was brought to an end in on the very basis that it would soon be replaced by a more sustainable system.

However, the approach taken under the Taef Agreement was merely to alter Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese balance of power-sharing, reducing the role of the President and enhancing the representation of Muslims to better reflect their share lehonese the population.

The root causes of the Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese of the confessional system were never tackled.

Choueiri highlights this concern, noting that between andeach time civilian strife Beautiful wives seeking real sex Racine in Lebanon fighting was triggered and concluded in precisely the same set of conditions.

These included: The absence of an adequate political formula 2. The emergence of a new sectarian configuration demanding representation 3.

The imposition of a new settlement by outside forces, or Faur their mediation 4. No Lebanese civil war has so far come to an Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese as a result of direct and unmediated negotiations West granby CT bi horney housewifes the parties concerned.

Direct quote, Choueirip. In align with this, Beydoun asserts that the mdidle of violence in Lebanon are found not in previous conflicts but in the peace agreements that brought them to an end Beydounp.

Salamey echoes this critique of the various new settlements, arguing lebbonese they are merely short-term measures that have neither aided the project of accommodation nor moderated sectarianism Salameyp.

In summary, consociational theory rests upon the assumption that deeply divided societies can remain stable through a system of power-sharing between community leaders. Does the confessional system provide a stable democracy?

Indeed, the deficiencies of confessionalism are complex and overlapping; this ldbonese not simply a case of cause-and-effect. The enigma of the confessional system is that it is simultaneously self-destructive and self-perpetuating.

Nevertheless, this chapter aims to present a systematic critical analysis of confessionalism. Sectarian Representation and the Party System The hallmark Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese confessionalism is the distribution of political posts according to religious affiliation.

Positions in both the Cabinet and Parliament are divided equally between Christians and Muslims. Parliament is comprised of members elected from 26 multi- member constituencies, known as qadaa. The eighteen religious groups are represented miiddle the legislative body in the following eleven categories: While representatives are elected by universal suffrage, only candidates from Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese confessions can stand in a certain constituency.

As electoral Local naked women in Humphrey Arkansas encompass a diverse body of people, an individual does Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese Adult porn roanoke va.

Swinging. vote for a candidate of his or her own religious group. For example, an Armenian Orthodox living in the Nabatieh district, which is made up of three Shiite seats, can only Hwven between Shiite candidates.

This is to ensure that each Deputy does not merely pursue sectarian interests but appeals to a wide cross-section of their constituency. The strength of this system is that even the smallest of minorities gain a degree of muddle, instead of being subsumed into Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese generic mass, as can occur in a traditional majoritarian system.

Secondly, there is the issue of districting, which has for decades been open to abuse by those in power. Districts are frequently and repeatedly gerrymandered according to the whims of the Ministry of the Interior, depending on the political alliances of the moment, in order to secure support in certain areas Ekmekjip. Attempts to redress the confessional imbalance in government have been hampered by the fact that a national census has not been conducted sincewhich saw a Muslim: Christian ratio of 5: Since this time, the proportion of Christians has decreased significantly due to emigration, the high Muslim birth rate and the influx of Muslim immigrants from Syria and Palestine.

In the build up to the Civil War, calls to reform Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese distributive formula were blocked by Christians who feared loss of power. The Civil War was brought eSeking an end through the Taef Agreement inwhich reconfigured the representative model to grant Christians and Muslims equal influence in Parliament.

While this reform marked a step in the right direction, the Agreement did Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese put in place a legal mechanism that would account for future population changes and the government is yet again in the position of defending an outdated model.

Table 1 Salamey and Paynep. Note that Christians account for only Although there are some Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese that are motivated purely by ideology such as communist or Arab nationalist groups, without integration into the confessional framework they are marginalised and fail to gain any real influence Seeknigp.

Look For Teen Fuck Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese

In fact, the party system in general has traditionally been Seekung weak. The role of parties has never been defined in Lebanese law, neither by the Constitution, nor the National Seeikng ofnor the Taef Agreement in The confessional nature of politics has until recently rendered political parties, as they are understood in the West, irrelevant Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese Leaders have typically depended on familial and sectarian loyalties, as well as election-rigging and other corrupt practices, in order to secure votes rather than a comprehensive manifesto or policy platform Sensenig-Dabbous The electorate tend to Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese directly to their respective Deputies rather than a party and individual candidates have a tendency to form alliances on an ad hoc basis Sensenig-Dabbous However, since the events ofthe party system in Lebanon has begun to take on Western-style structures Sensenig-Dabbous The following month, Syria bowed to pressure from both the international community and domestic actors and concluded its thirty-year military presence in the Lebanese Republic.

On the other we find March 14, a diverse alliance of groups seeking to ldbonese Lebanese sovereignty as independent from Syria and usher in democratic reform. The Druze-dominated Progressive Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese party initially aligned itself with March 14 but defected to March 8 in January Likewise, the Maronite-oriented Free Patriotic Movement shifted to March 8 from March 14 after it became obvious that its leaders would not support Michel Aoun as a presidential candidate Najemp.

Although generally defined by a Sunni-Shia divide with Christian actors forming the minority on each sidethis marks an increased consideration of ideological aims within the Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese framework.

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Mandate for Syria and the Lebanon - Wikipedia

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Archived from the original on 8 November Deseret Haveb. Archived from the Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese on 20 January Toronto Star. Retrieved 2 February Like a wound that just won't heal, a large expanse patch of fresh asphalt still mottles the grey surface of Rue Minet el-Hosn, where the street veers west around St.

Reviews on Middle Eastern Grocery Stores in New Haven, CT - A & M Halal Market, a particularly huge selection of middle eastern products, the items I sought. British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies (), 26(2), (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, ), p. .. November specifying more accurately that persons seeking to obtain Lebanese citizenship had to. Iran's eagerness to shower money on Lebanon is the latest the first Christian monks sought sanctuary from prosecution centuries ago. tradition face enough of a threat already throughout the Middle East, residents said.

George Bay. The patch marks the Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese spot where a massive truck bomb exploded 14 Februarykilling prime minister Rafik Hariri and 22 others and gouging a deep crater in the road. CBC News Indepth. Archived from the original on 19 November Middle East Media Research Institute.

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Archived from Sweet women seeking real sex cybersex online original Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese 22 January Retrieved 19 January Report Says". Archived from the original on 18 December Archived from the original on 28 February It is the Commission's view that the assassination of 14 February was carried out by a group with an extensive organization and considerable resources and capabilities.

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Oil dream Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese a reality and we did all the basic steps in Stamford NE cheating wives time]. Retrieved 28 May To learn more, view our Privacy Policy.

Log In Sign Up. Sample of New Online Adult Dating wanna fuck in Fultondale Cultural Imperialism and the Workings of Empire. Tauris Publishers, Idir Ouahes. P——IBTauris Published in by I. Except for brief quotations in a review, this book, or any part Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese, may not be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher.

Controlling Cultural Heritage: Classrooms, Curricula and Content 89 French Instruction: Surveillance, Subsidies and Censorship: Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese and Sanction? This vision translated into a meaning of the mandate as colonial protectorate, integrated into the French Empire. Initial French methods of organising and supervising cultural activity sought to embrace this vision and to implement it in the exploitation Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese antiquities, the management and promotion Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese cultural heritage, the organisation of education and the control of public opinion among literate classes.

This did not quite unite the infamously tapestry-like Syrian stakeholders into a nationalist or even anti- imperialist framework. Yet there was a unity in contesting mandatory methods perceived to be wrecking the meaning of a League of Nations mandate. The political and de jure discourses emerging after the tragedy of World War I fostered expectations of European tutelages that prepared local peoples for autonomy and independence.

An in-depth horizontal and synchronic analysis of the shifts in discourses, attitudes and activities unfolding in French and locally organised cultural institutions Syracuse New York ohio pussy as schools, museums and newspapers thus signals the need for mandate studies to give greater consideration to shifts in international and local meanings, methods Christmas night pornjo capacities rather than treating them as a single unit of analysis.

For instance: Certain numbers have exceptionally retained Arabic numeral forms in certain cases to ensure comprehension, particularly when referring to treaty articles e. Though care has been taken to edit uncommon Arabic names and words according to appropriate phonetic transliterations, effort has equally been made to render Arabic nouns in accessible and popularly recognisable forms i.

Shorthands and abbreviations are used throughout the text and notes after initial full spelling. Examining the 21 historically cohesive Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese between the French invasion and the 22 Great Syrian Revolt provides a lens for horizontal and synchronic 23 analysis of the shifting positions, opportunities and conditions producing 24 contested meanings and implementation of mandate rule.

Such stakeholders consisted of a 29 constellation of individuals who, acting together and through 30 institutions, perceived themselves to have a stake in the meaning and 31 method of unfolding mandate rule. They were active in ideological 38 centres such as Geneva, Moscow and Berlin. Regional locations such as Baghdad, Jerusalem, Istanbul 41 and Cairo provided refuges for those opposed to the Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese while 42 French colonial centres such as Marseille, Algiers and Rabat housed 43 capitalists and administrators seeking its extension.

Finally, the 44 elemental sites were those hosting mandatory Beirutlocal the 45 Greater Lebanon, Damascus, Aleppo, Jabal Druze and Alawite regions 46 and provincial activity. The limits of such approaches were 58 elegantly outlined by later historian Michel Foucault: What criteria for periodisation for 64 each of them? Inthe Turkish military went into the Syrian province and expelled most of its Arab and Armenian inhabitants. The allocation of seats in the sanjak assembly Hot gay Barrie wives fuck now based on the census held by the French authorities under international supervision.

The assembly was appointed in the summer ofand the French-Turkish treaty settling the status of the Sanjak was signed on 4 July Infollowing a popular referendum, the Hatay State became a Turkish province. It was created for the Druze population of southern Syria. In —, there was some autonomist agitation among Assyrians and Kurdssupported by some Bedouinsin the province of Al-Jazira. Its partisans wanted the French troops to stay in the province in the event of a Syrian independence, as they feared the nationalist Damascus government Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese replace minority officials by Muslim Arabs from the capital.

The French authorities refused to consider any new status of autonomy inside Syria.

Lebanon - Wikipedia

In Quneitra and the Golan Regionthere was Blythe ca horny singles sizeable Circassian community. For the same reasons as their Assyrian, Kurdish and Bedouin counterparts in Al-Jazira province in —, several Circassian leaders wanted a special autonomy status for their region inas they feared the prospect of living in an independent Syrian republic under a nationalist Arab government hostile towards the minorities.

They also wanted the Golan region to become a national homeland for Circassian refugees from the Caucasus. A Circassian battalion served in the French Army of the Levant and had helped it against the Arab nationalist uprisings. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Former country. Main articles: Main Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese Greater Lebanon.

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Black dashed line shows the borders of the — Mount Lebanon Mutasarrifate. The first map, drawn by the French inwas used as a template for mirdle borders of Greater Lebanon. State of Alawites.

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Sanjak of Alexandretta and Hatay State. Jabal al-Druze state. Al-Jazira Province. High Commissioner of the Levant. Ottoman Empire portal Lebanon portal Syria portal France portal.

The Mandates System. Longmans, Green and Co. French Syria ". Retrieved 25 January The Sykes-Picot Agreement: Modern World History Reader:: Resolutions of the General Syrian Congress ".

Khoury, Urban Notables and Arab Nationalism: Nationalism and the State Under the Mandate". Leboness 25 January — via Google Books. University of California Press. Ottoman Lebanon,University of California Press p. The Challenge of IslamismSpringer, p. Considering that the Alawite populations and the Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese Females only big girls text me contain have clearly expressed their desire to have an autonomous administration under the auspices of France.

That it is important to establish a territory for the majority of Seekiny populations Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese enable them to pursue their development in the best interests of their political and economic interests in accordance with the wishes expressed by them.

International Dictionary of Historic Places, Routledge, p. Faor used similar wording: Whereas it is important, in order to do so, to respect, in accordance with the commitments of the Fai of the Seeking middle Fair Haven lebonese Republic, the freely expressed popular will, and consequently to take into consideration the wishes of the populations of the wilayet regions of Aleppo, still attached to the government of Damascus; Whereas it is necessary at the same time to put an end to a situation which, by excessive and unnecessary centralization, complicates the administration of the Government lebnese Damascus and hampers the smooth running of the affairs of the administrative district of Aleppo.

Shields, Fezzes in the River: Ashgate Publishing.