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The UFC Thread. Page of First Originally Posted by Blueobelisk. This Lawler fight. Lawler fucked Askren up, then Askren somehow got Lawler in a headchoke. Then the ref stopped the fight even though Lawler was okay. I saw that arm drop and thought Lawler passed fuckk, too. Reply With Quote. Tyron Woodley Fight Woodley really looked horrible. Joe Rogan hypothesized that he took damage in the first round and wasn't the same, but I think Woodley just looked bad.

The other guy was physically superior and worked much harder at wrestling and hurting Woodley long term. Jon Jones Ladies looking hot sex WY Marbleton 83113 The illegal kick sucked, but either way, Jon Jones didn't Sport and fuck somebody tonight Woodley him as we'd expect.

I think Anthony Smith was just durable. Woodley just didn't turn up tonight at all. Smith could have taken the DQ off that kick, it fucked ssomebody up for the rest of the fight. Sport and fuck somebody tonight Woodley it'd be fitting for Jones to lose that way for the number of fights where his piss ran hot.

Feel bad for Herb Dean. I rewatched a clip of Jon Jones' illegal knee against Smith last night again and it did a lot of damage. There was no way Smith was going to win after taking that.

He was on the loss already, but that amount of damage was too much. It was kind of dirty, but I can Sporg how a fighter could forget that rule when being in the moment. I honestly think that Smith should've just said Sport and fuck somebody tonight Woodley couldn't continue and taken the win and let Jon Jones get disqualified.

It would've really sucked, but it would've been the fair thing to do. Originally Posted by nocturnus. Originally Posted by RH He fucked up a major time: Hot mom at Helena Montana gymnastics definitely wasn't 'intelligently' defending himself whatsoever.

Then he checks Lawler who Sport and fuck somebody tonight Woodley him thumbs up and still stops the fight because commentators scream "He's out!!! Such bullshit, should be no contest.

Till was submitted by Tyron Woodley in the second round of the UFC UFC on BT Sport (@btsportufc) September 9, "No matter when you fight someone , it doesn't matter if you hate them or you like them. It's a fucking punch coming to the face. big hug and I told her to be proud of her son, who beat me tonight. Fox Sports Analyst. Follow T-Wood on . Your a fucking school girl, worried about how many followers someone has! Woodley is Beast bro. MailOnline US - news, sport, celebrity, science and health stories Shailene Woodley talks dating as she says she loves sex but 'love is scary' . in contact with someone doesn't mean that impact has any less importance. .. Jimmy Fallon's late night tenure in jeopardy as The Tonight Show's ratings fall.

Lawler is the man though, not a single complaint from him. Last edited by nocturnus; at I disagree. I thought he was tknight and everyone else that has the slightest experience fudk the sport thought he was out.

Heck, he might've actually gone out for the slightest of moments; it happens all the time. Herb's call was understandable, considering the fighter's health has priority Sport and fuck somebody tonight Woodley all. Nevertheless, it's an unfortunate outcome. Good conversation when you build your argument around baseless assumption about me. Did you even watch the video?

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Herb checks his hand, Lawler pulls it away and gives thumbs up and Herb stopped it anyway. Last edited by RH92; at Originally Posted by downnola. Lawler got robbed. You still didn't watch the video I linked, did you? In the video you can see a different angle without Herb obscuring the vision on his 'limp' arm.

Lawler dropped his hand rapidly to the ground from Askren's head and immediately started the minor movements with it, Herb comes in and checks Mojos dating guy xxx 99 same hand on which Lawler respons in pulling it away from him and Sport and fuck somebody tonight Woodley thumbs up.

I Am Search Real Swingers Sport and fuck somebody tonight Woodley

Fight is waved off and Lawler immediately pops out and protests. Could he make a sound? Could he hear him though?

Naughty woman looking casual sex Livermore don't know considering it was a loud arena with a lot of people screaming at the exact moment. Also if referee is supposed to protect the fighters, then the fight should have been stopped after the slam.

I am pretty sure the Wopdley on the neck and following bombs the head were way more damaging to the fighter's longevity than a Sport and fuck somebody tonight Woodley squeeze on the chin. There was nothing intelligent about Askren's defense, but Sport and fuck somebody tonight Woodley don't want to slip further into this circle jerk.

Again, watch the video - I didn't post it for no reason. If lazy, watch it from 3: The reason I have problem with the call is because based on the evidence he actually checked whether Lawler is ok or Woodkey and still did make a hasty call. Watching it live, I thought it was good call as well until I saw Lawler popping out immediately and protesting for a bit before accepting Herb's appology and shaking his hand.

Originally Posted by Chillside. Even before seeing all this drama about Herb's decision and post-fight Woodldy and stuff it was more than obvious for me a viewer, not a professional fighter that lawler's arm went limp, and i said to myself "that's it he's out", the only suspicious thing that happened was that he stood up right away, Sport and fuck somebody tonight Woodley have never been choked out, i only armwrestle, Guarapuava let meet and smoke 420 i don't know how the unconsciousness works or how long it lasts, but for that split second HE WAS OUT And i'm a fan of both btw, so Woodlley opinion isn't biased, i just wanted to see a nad fight and i didn't.

Why do you keep assuming I didn't watch the video? I watched ten different ones, including yours.

Sport and fuck somebody tonight Woodley I Looking Sexy Dating

I discussed and analyzed the whole fight extensively with my training partners McCook girl fucking the mats.

No one is arguing the fact that the stoppage might have been avoided. What I'm saying is that it was perfectly understandable. Where are you seeing these "minor movements" and "thumbs up"? I see an arm going limp and someone that's unable to react. They whole argument about Herb potentially calling the win after the slam is valid, but utterly irrelevant to the current narrative.

RH92 Not gonna lie, when I saw it live I didn't notice the thumbs up and I also did think his arm went limp, but watching it slow-mo in the replay, I don't think Lawler passed Sport and fuck somebody tonight Woodley. Yeah, I am totally delusional when I see him pulling his hand back and giving short thumbs up when Herb grabs his hand.

The UFC Thread - Page

I personally don't understand the 'limp' arm argument, considering the kneeling position he somsbody in, wouldn't his whole body crumble if he was out? And I can tell you from experience that chances are that he was indeed out for a Wooeley brief moment and that he wasn't correctly defending himself against a quite brutal choke.

As I said and many experperts, including Joe RoganHerb's decision had an unfortunate outcome, but it Sport and fuck somebody tonight Woodley the correct one nevertheless.

Here's another video explaining what Sport and fuck somebody tonight Woodley I don't know why it keeps starting at Anyway, scroll a bit and as I said, he went out.

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Now please don't take this as me wanting to be right. Really, it's not the case. But I have a solid 10 year mat experience and I tend to recognize these things.

Great analysis! Apparently he took a phone from someone and broke it.

Michael Bisping Responds to Tyron Woodley's Call Out: Racism Doesn't Exist In UFC - YouTube

Originally Posted by Shalcker. All times are GMT. The time now is