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Sucks that you hurt me so much

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For the latter service, there seems to be playlists for pretty much any mood and situation. A note before we begin: Who knows? Maybe reading this will brighten your day, too.

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What is this, an episode of 13 Reasons Why? Does anyone actually feel like life sucks when they hear Twenty One Pilots?

Briony Smith on why being single sucks. As the waiter finishes taking my order, I brace myself for the final question of the transaction: “How many . And I let the pain flow through me, feel it race up and down and through the conductor of my body. . There's only so much of myself I can change before there's nothing left. I felt confused, insecure, lost, disappointed, and so far from the path that I I know you're hurting, but this is just a small blip in the grand. Every single one of us goes through times when it seems like life sucks. I tortured myself with fears that it must be a devastating head injury that the emergency And now we had two sets of broken bones in as many weeks. Are you hurt?.

Vaguely annoyed, maybe. Justice for Skee-Lo! I like this song. Nothing sad about that, unless you really hate soy lattes. Remember this one? Seriously, do you? To Sicks Ruth B.

Best Love Sucks images | Thinking about you, Words, Feelings

This mid-tempo ballad from Irish singer-songwriter Gavin James is less sorrowful and more just kind of scary: Straight up, this single from The Hunger Games soundtrack slaps, which makes it a bit too much of a turn-up anthem for this playlist.

The accompanying video is tragic for hudt different reasons. Miserable in the wrong way. Also, one of two instances on Sucks that you hurt me so much playlist in which a cover version is inexplicably featured instead of the original song. Scottish rock band Biffy Clyro are pretty huge In search of an open Nashville the U. British person: Gnash f. Poor you. His single is laced with more hope yurt despair, making for a curious fit on this playlist.

Nathan Sykes f. The version of this song included on the playlist is the remix featuring Ariana Grande, which is a massive curation miscalculation: Instant disqualification. First off: That is pretty badass, and decidedly not sad.

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Secondly, get a load of this chorus: Lotta mediocre, Who-y British singer-songwriters on this list. James Morrison f. Boring muc hell, but this shattered-relationship duet is designed to get someone in their feels. Hope she got paid well for this. Kind of surprising that this is the only s-Warped-Tour-emo song featured on here, Sucks that you hurt me so much Wither My Chemical Romance?

Ignore the atrocious singing and remember that this stuff is practically catnip for a playlist like this. Fittingly, Yiruma is a devout Christian, and he has done soundtrack work — including contributions to a stop-motion film called Doggy Poowhich is about exactly what it sounds like. One of a few songs on this playlist see also: Sure, fine, whatever Moby.

Sucks that you hurt me so much Seeking Nsa Sex

Speaking of Sam Smith: Man, life sucks sometimes. I felt that. Lana has much stronger feeling-bad-never-felt-so-good songs than this one — perhaps so many that any choice here would fall under scrutiny.

It needs to be said, though: You know what? You do you, Halsey.

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Sincerity alert: Swedish singer-songwriter Alice Boman has been something of a well-kept secret for a minute Sjcks, and this cut from her EP Skisser is indicative of her quiet em.

It feels short, and sounds so small that you can practically feel yourself in the room as she sings above the tape hiss, but the impact is there, even without her yearning lyrics. I dare you not to listen to this song and at least get Sucks that you hurt me so much in a feeling or two.

Who can relate? I waffled a lot about where to place this song. Em could such a huge-sounding and obvious karaoke classic make sense amidst a spread of mid-tempo tunes like those collected here?

But, this song is pretty damn despairingwhen you think about it.

Imagine if the city of Los Angeles was your only friend, for starters! Shout-out to this British soft-rock-ish duo: Good song. Fuck me up, Richard Ashcroft.

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Those lyrics, though: True story: The man did this whole album holed Asian fucked in Southaven in a cabin in the woods while suffering from a breakup. A little behind-the-scenes look at this list here: I was fully prepared to rank this notorious inspo-pop anthem at the bottom of the list due to its Suckks exuberance — then, I remembered this.

Pretty sad, yeah.

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