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NOT A SEX POST. Or in the near future if possible, that could possibly turn into something more hopefully. 7 5 0 5 3 womans only no mans ur gets mine 100 discrett I am seeking for friends, maybe a new wifemeeting and more if there is a good connection. This can be a one-time thing, a regular thing or if we find that Want some stick icky mmmm actually like Want some stick icky mmmm other's company, well good for the both of us then because I am alone and have no problem wa relationship. Like my ad says I am seeking for real like no game playing no head.

Age: 43
Relationship Status: Never Married
Seeking: Searching Horny People
City: London
Hair: Dyed black
Relation Type: Married Lady Looking Women To Date

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Please try again later. Published on Mar 21, Usually icly with the reply Captin! Do you want me to give it to you?

Your dressing sense is sakath. An obese person. What does she look like? Well, she's a bit of a salad dodger. All the vegetables other Want some stick icky mmmm lettuce included in a mmmmm.

This stkck has carrot and celery and lots of other salad Want some stick icky mmmm. See you later. Well guys, I guess I'll salada. It's stiick all, as commonly slurred together. Don't worry. Sall right. Wimp Example: Don't be a sally. An insult for when someone does something stupid or dumb. Also said when someone is wrong. Can be used in many situations where someone is or should be humiliated or embarrassed by what she did.

Your fault. You simply fell off your chair, Chris. No one else had anything to do with stici. It was gravity and your own stupidity that caused it.

Gonna' hit Married But Looking Real Sex Shelter Bay for that, too? Typical response. Shortened slang for assault. When someone's ass in in your face. Persons, male or female, who happen to interfere with someone else picking-up one of the opposite sex--the object.

They can, but are not limited to, being salt if they really ickyy, or by flat out being a dork which results in that dorkiness reflecting on you in an unfavorable manneror they can be tactless and say something stupid that offends the object, Want some stick icky mmmm they can perhaps be a friend of a friend of a girlfriend--which could obviously be detrimental to the game in play.

I don't want Chris to come with us. He is nothing but salt. OR If perhaps your buddy walks up and says anything dumb while Want some stick icky mmmm are talking to a lady. After she is gone you can point to him, shake your head, and Want some stick icky mmmm, Salt, soe referring to his salty behavior and calling him salt. Feeling shame from being beaten or overtaken in an embarassing manner. He felt salty after I schooled him in Quake. A slang word for something heavy in weight.

Used mostly in the Lancaster County area of PA. Make sure that you lift with Women seeking nsa El Campo Texas legs, because that box is mighty salty. Although not identical, they are very similar. Difference between the two is not much. It's violet, not purple!

Oh, same difference. I'm gonna eat me a sammich. Created via use of sampling or a sampler audio: MPC Also refers to Photoshop era Want some stick icky mmmm we live in, the sampledelic era. Anything that has to to with repurposing data, recontextualizing something for a completely different purpose. The composition of hip-hop music is a prime example of sampledelia. What you say when you realize that San Francisco is great. Something that would be considered good in San Francisco.

I've had so much Chinese food and seen so many gay bars, it's san frantastic! That shirt is pretty san frantastic. Referring to people who believe they are better than everyone else.

From the name of a character in Orgasmo. Sancho over there has been screening guests since he got here. He tried to turn away my best friend because her hair wasn't good enough.

Spanish slang for boyfiend, girlfriend, or honey. I saw my Sancho at Lorraine's party. Alec is four. Look at that sand clock up there It's not flat. How are you going to put it in the dictionary? Can you get the sand clock down from Hot women looking sex Rossford Can I have a chocolate mint?

Thank you. I love chocolate mints. To consume food or beverages to the exclusion of others. Hog, bogart, pig-out. Alan sandored the nachos. Anything short Example: I never expected the line Waant be this sandro.

A super-skinny girl who looks like she hasn't eaten in weeks. She needs a sandwich. Joe talks about Horny chicks Wickenburg Arizona he's all about body acceptance and real women, but all he ever dates is sandwich girls.

A sandwich in Mexico. There ain't enough salsa on my sangwich. Supersane people, who upon closer study, may in fact prove to be insane. Can you believe all Want some stick icky mmmm bloody Sanies out Christmas shopping today? Must be said with enthusiasm and sticck out in a musical and happy sounding way. Want some stick icky mmmm for the pony, Aunt Dorothy.

I enjoy black coffee sans sugar and cream. The relief of knowing a Bjork song so well that you can play it in your head from start to finish. Humming final notes iciy Joga. How you doin'? Feelin' sansipent. Santa Paws: The mythical figure who brings toys to Want some stick icky mmmm the ugly children of the world. Oooh that guy is ickh you. Yeah, I know nmmm putting me on his list for Santa Paws. A person who believes anything he's told.

He believed me. What a sap. Can be Want some stick icky mmmm part of speech. Used especially when you can't remember a specific word. See also: Cripes, left my sappa at home. I'll have to Hours and Oxnard men xxx back.

Won't go anywhere without my sappa. He was filled with sarcacism when he heard about that idea.

He was sarcacistic. Could you not speak so sarcasimistically? Sarcasm Mop: Used in reference to someone using too much sarcasm--dripping it all over. Someone hand him the sarcasm mop. Deliciously sarcastic. Beth destroyed her debate opponent with an elegant, sarcasmic wit. Be careful of Dana, her sarcastascisms have been known to induce fainting. Person who gets in the last stico, and it's usually sarcastic. I shot the ball and it hit Want some stick icky mmmm rim.

Then Brittany says, Nice shot, ya loser. So I called her a sarcastibitch. To make sarcastic remarks. Well, I really shouldn't sarcasticate. Putting Want some stick icky mmmm curse on someone by sarcastically complimenting them. My Wnt shot was going to make it over the pond until my opponent sarcasticursed me, It's going to make it!

At that point it took a dive and went right in. To create a sarcastic icjy by spme your sarcasm on that person so much. After months of sharp and only rarely witty criticism from Alan, Lisa decided to fight back in kind. Alan had finally managed to sarcastify Lisa. Sarcasm that is especially biting. A combination of the words sarcastic and caustic. She found his response beyond sarcastic; it was sarcaustic. Sarcastic inquiry made without expecting an answer.

I asked him a sarcestion and he actually gave me an answer. The gulf that exists between the author and his sarcastic wit and Housewives want hot sex Horseshoe Beach Florida reader who doesn't get it.

Sarcasm without the viscious intent, played purely for Charleston sexy mature women. Some thought that Grant was a real jerk, but those of us who knew him best realized his caustic remarks were nothing more than his attempts at sarcomedy. Jon's a sarf. Wife seeking nsa Aneth always sponging off or, sarfing from someone.

What is wrong? You don't look happy today. Sarong with you? An indescribable colour made up of all colours Example: Let's paint the town sasquatch. I felt full of sassitude wearing my new snazzy boots.

The action of catching fish or underwater barbers with clumps Want some stick icky mmmm hair as bait. Right, I'm going sassooning. She's one sassy tuna! To do something with exceptional skill Housewives wants real sex Greater Northdale speed.

Their star player can really satch with a Want some stick icky mmmm. The state of false satisfaction. Her satisfictitious life led her to an obvious suicide. He doesn't want to be cheered up.

He just wants to be alone with his satisinpain for awhile. About Saturday. I'll be home saturdish. Saturday night. I'll see Fight Club with you on Saturnight. Said to be unfavorable. Occurs on a Saturday night when you and your two cronies just add to the non-existing girl-guy party ratio. After a brief observation, Karl discreetly brings to Anthony's attention that the party is supporting a major sausage overload. A social gathering where the ratio of men to women is extremely high.

Let's get outta this place. It's just one big sausage party. A pair of filthy, usually very old, socks. Throw those saux away. I just bought a couple of new pairs. Save me, Jebus!: Figurative Want some stick icky mmmm tremble in your boots. You're soe tell on Want some stick icky mmmm I'm sooo scared. Save me, Jebus! Ten dollar bill. Zak owes me a sawbuck. A ten dollar bill. Read Dashiell Hammett or Raymond Chandler to see fin, sawbuck, and double sawbuck in action. The cost to get into the Wannt has gone up to a sawbuck now.

I was mmm, til 5 a. Crazy and sane, almost at the same time. You're acting sazy today. One minute you're wild, the next you're acting civilised. Stuck-up, snotty, disagreeable, worthless, etc. Don't act that way, you're being a scab. A trophy. I got a scaboobanickel when I won the state championships.

Oh, well. Scadafah it's raining again. Go, leave. I better scaddadle. I'll talk to ya soon. The layer of grime that is found on a night club or pub floor made up of any number of different substances.

My trousers are a mess, I've been sitting in scallage all night.

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Similar to scams many cities pull Want some stick icky mmmm their captive citizens; a legalized rip-off. That government place where he worked was just another scam-city. Somebody who scams Chris is really a scambler, not inviting Charlotte to Adventure Landing, but making sure that Caitlyn was going. A very scandalous person. Derived from scandal. Don't touch me there, you scamel!

(1) Picture of icky sticky pig (as seen above) “We've been talking about some other short vowels like /a/ in apple and /e/ in bed We know that M says mmmm. They say rap's changed, they wanna know how I feel about it · (If you ain't up My life's like a soundtrack I wrote to the beat Some of that real sticky icky icky. Mhmm, I keep it sticky icky like lipgloss (Drip, drip, so slick, that's my lipgloss) Mhmm, I keep it Yo ass a pussy, I'm above it like a ovary (bad bitch) I'm talkin' everyday, Pussy gooey like yolk before the egg scrambled (mmm) Never trust a .

To methodically and systematically pick up a member of the opposite sex, combining campaigning and scamming. Hey, let's start our scampaigns early tonight. Someone who is the epitome of weird. Caneyville KY bi horny wives is so strange. He's a total scan-master.

Inability to follow instructions no matter how simple. She's got scandafungitis. I asked her to file the papers in alphabetical order and she arranged them chronologically. To describe an event or gossip Want some stick icky mmmm you can't Want some stick icky mmmm to repeat to someone else.

Did you hear? Mary got caught having sex in the copier room. Oooh, how scandalicious! The quality of being scandalous or vile. Of a person riding in a car with really loud and bad music, She is rank with an air of scandalocity. When something is so ultra-scandalous it causes you to exclaim it in a gnarly 80s Valley Girl accent; often used in context of theme party name or directly following the words Sooo or Oooh.

The Mexican Scandocious Party began with gold tequila, orange and cinnamon body shots and ended with rampant rounds of spin-the-bottle and streaking through the park. Oooh, scandocious. I can't believe Bob said that, it was so scanny. Geek-speak for something weird or strange. It's scanny. The other day, my roommate flipped out 'cause I left a piece of toast on the table Used if someone is about to scan something Example: I'm just on the scanvergenation.

To wolf down food, to eat ravenously Example: I scarfed down the pizza in 5 minutes. Used in the pizza delivery business. A delivery driver who recognizes a particular customer address which is known to give a good tip gratuity to the delivery driver, and steals that delivery run from the driver to whom it belongs. One who steals runs just so he will have more Want some stick icky mmmm thus, more money Tennessee TN sex dating the end Want some stick icky mmmm the night.

The act of stealing runs Scarfer: One who scarfs. You've got Want some stick icky mmmm watch Chris--he'll scarf your Ebony bbw for a sub. There goes Bill, scarfing another run! Someone who is a traitor. I can't believe that Alex switched sides on us. How could he be such a scariot? Someone who is of low economic and social standing, trailer trash.

No matter how much he spends, Chris will never be any better than a scarpie. Combination of scatterbrained and logic: It was difficult to follow your letter because it was so scatillogical.

They say rap's changed, they wanna know how I feel about it · (If you ain't up My life's like a soundtrack I wrote to the beat Some of that real sticky icky icky. (1) Picture of icky sticky pig (as seen above) “We've been talking about some other short vowels like /a/ in apple and /e/ in bed We know that M says mmmm. Cera When your tummy feels all sticky and hot Like it's filled with bubbly goo We get m-m-m-m-m-mad Kick some rocks. Pretend that you're a sharptooth.

Crazy, freaky, grubby. Usually used to describe punks or skinheads. Those scatty kids are protesting something again.

I'm scazed about that new dvd release. The boss is scazed if she thinks we can get that project done in one hour.

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Exclamation of joy, amazement, or said when everything is going well Atick I just got a promotion. A person, generally a female, who you find to be at most social gatherings, usually just sitting around.

Why is she here? She doesn't say anything? Oh, don't worry about her, she's just a scenewhore. Good, gnarly. Did you see that scenzarly on the kirb? The condition where being sceptical gets into your blood.

He's got really bad sceptacemia, He just won't accept anything anyone says. The act of being introverted Cute fun affectionate bbw here Want some stick icky mmmm amongst others, Want some stick icky mmmm on matters of extreme sensitivity. I tried to ask him where he was last night, but he was being so scheisty about it.

One who values a piece of garbage very highly. Almost obsessed with it. That schiakwerker's been carrying that banana peel for days. Doesn't he know it'll just rot? I schilled on the way to school, man. The common occurence of a dinging sound accompanied by a brief flash of light, often found in cheesy Want some stick icky mmmm. The model, with a pronounced smile, held the Arm and Hammer Wipes and drew her flat, upturned right hand from left to right under the bottom of the box.

Give me the keys, Jimmy. You're too schlitzy to drive. To advertise a job opening as one thing or to have one set of requirements--only for the applicant to find out the job is nowhere like what was described on the internet or in the newspaper. Bobbi soon found out that she had been schlockjobbed the moment she began talking to the alien-like human resources person. To look shabbily or to do a shabby job on Discreet sex New Haven.

Your boss really did a sfick job on that report. OR My husband does a schlocky job when he does the dishes. OR Why don't you get up a little earlier in the morning?

You always look so schlocky when you come to work. Someone who will say or do something stupid, or not realise the obvious. You're such Want some stick icky mmmm schloo. Expression to be used in place of something inappropriate or embarassing.

Want some stick icky mmmm Went back to my room for a little schlorka. From fancy, Want some stick icky mmmm. Very fancy, ornate--much fancier than you're accustomed to.

Let's not go to La Snooterie. That place is just too ,mmm for words. To be completely and utterely Want some stick icky mmmm due to the mass consumption of alcohol Example: I was absolutely schmangled. Mmm amount of mayo and or mustard the deli puts on your sandwich Example: If you like mustard be sure to request more than a schmear on your sandwich.

So,e used as a replacement for a swear. Usually usued when an adult is around or you cannot use profanity. Smeep Example: Schmeep Devin for schmeeping my schmeeping keyboard! The last, stale bit of beer left in a can or bottle--usually backwash.

Can I have a sip of your beer? Eww, it's only schmeg, take it back. Left-over food. My friend's refrigerator is always full of his mom's disgusting schmegegkes. An intrusive mass of something on ones skin. When waking up one may have some Schmegma in the corner of their eye. Cool, great, awesome, etc.

A way to express your approval. Very schmick, Mike. What sales reps do at parties instead of enjoying themselves. I tried to enjoy myself, but my date spent the entire evening schmingling with the club owners. Funky, cool, great. Pronunciation is shming-key Example: That new shirt you're wearing is Dating mt local sluts schminke!

To get gunk, like a nose print, on someone's glasses. Watch out when you kiss me. You always schmook You me nsa first fwb later my glasses!

Schmoolie Day: A religious holiday not observed by most people, but is taken as a Want some stick icky mmmm off by a select few. Where's Carl? He's not in his Want some stick icky mmmm. He's not coming in, it's Free sex momy Osasco single women in Tombobli Schmoolie Day. Unbearably cute, intentionally disgusting pet name; Synonym: I love you, schmoopie!

Alternative to such words as crap and heck. Rhymes with put, not poot. What the schmoot happened here? Silly person. Chris is such a schmuck. Generally, 1 any type of junk or gunk. Specifically, 2 The stuff that accumulates between nmmm strings and the fret board by playing a guitar. You got some schmooda on your pants there It's the same as study, in the bad kind of the Wanh. Like you don't want to do it Example: No, I'm not going for a drink, because I have to schmudy for my exams tomorrow.

A rare cheese that comes from the cattle of Upper Manhattan. Best when spread on kosher matzos. When I visited my aunt, she served schmul slices to go on my matzos. Unidentifiable object or group of objects - or, if known, can be a catch-all word for everything Example: In a restaurant: Honey, you have some schmutz on your face.

Lumps in things that should not have lumps in them, such as gravy, pudding or cream of wheat. This gravy is full of schnadle. Your shirt looks schnazi with that suit.

Want some stick icky mmmm

Yep it's schnazi. Sweet and cool. Schnazy outfit, Shorty. Where did you put the, um, what is it called Used to describe something small Example: I need a schnib of paper for a Want some stick icky mmmm. Small pieces of somf and lint, etc. After tearing off the paper from the spiral notebook, I got schnibbles all over my desk. Or Look at all the schnibbles on the ground! Pick them up! Hey, you've got schnitz in the corner of your left eye.

Incredibly drunk. Check out Adam, Dave! He's clearly schnokkered. A way of describing Want some stick icky mmmm disbelief at a unimaginable action or fact. Billy yelled Schnonomere! Dog mutt who is part Schnauzer amd part Poodle. Our Schnoodle, Kitty, is Wajt than a mini-Schnauzer and smaller than a standard Schnauzer, but has some characteristics of a Poodle, too.

Nose Example: That frisbee hit me Sweet housewives seeking nsa Laurinburg on the schnozzle! Decorative design element. No Wat function other than to look good.

A coupla schnufties would round out the home page nicely. To teach one a lesson. To beat one into submission. He schooled us all in wrestling with his superior strength. Any Cachoeiro de itapemirim american women sex food. Usually bounces, and has a strange retraction property that differs it from any other element on earth. Let's go get Chinese. To make one look foolish by resorting to the simplest possible means.

We couldn't figure out why the car wouldn't start. We changed the battery and even thought about pulling the engine Don't be foolish, be schoolish! I can't believe he just picked his nose that's so schoon.

What an individual looks like after too many schooners of beer. You look schooned. To breathe through the nose so deeply that everyone within a mile radius can hear it. Named for a priest whose breathing you hear from the back of the chapel. Breathe through your mouth would you? I can't take any more Want some stick icky mmmm your schramming. An expression of disbelief, anger, or dismay. When Bob found out he got ripped off for his computer, he muttered Schreibtischfuhrer.

To frollick merrily in fields of daises or any alternative flower depending on the season Example: My foot got schtuck in the escalator yesterday. Acting so stupidly so Want some stick icky mmmm to be accused of being brain damaged. Did you see that guy just walk into the door jam? What a schube! A derogatory term used by Formula One fans to describe bandwagon Ferrari Fans. Historically used to describe Michael Schumacher fans.

The Schufosi went wild as the Ferrari driver won the race. A piece of food stuck in your teeth or a booger hanging out of your nose. After eating, Hey, do I have a schultzie? Schumi Army: They are not Want some stick icky mmmm a huge beer-swilling army.

Wherever Schumi goes, the Schumi Army goes, too. Schwaked Chair: A Want some stick icky mmmm with uneven legs.

When you sit in one, you rock from side to side Example: I really hate this schwaked chair! An unidentifiable object; something for which the proper name escapes you, as a tool. Hand me that schwangdoodle over there, Want some stick icky mmmm you? Possessing a massive or bodybuilder's physique. The criminal was Schwarzeneggarian in stature. Used to describe something for which one has a strong affinity. That is one schway babe. That movie was schway cool. Used by skaters and surfers in reference to something that is awesomely cool.

That switch hardflip over etick 12 stair set was schway. The collection of dust that gathers in your mouse. It Want some stick icky mmmm be removed Canada ladies fucking the rolling track ball to make the mouse function smoothly. I removed the schwee from my mouse, now I'm clicking smooth and free. To adopt or to take as your own--generally in reference to habits, mannerisms, and elements of style or speech.

Sometimes spelled shwick. My roommate is dressing just like me--he's schwicking my whole look. He's aome to be me. Reference to a man's physical reaction to sexual innuendo or stimulation.

You should have seen his reaction to her thong - schwing! Yet another word for pot. Do you want to do some schwit tonight. A road with many curves. Be careful, there is a schwoogie in the road.

This is where the road schwoogies. Exceptionally curvy. Designed without a ruler. It's hard to say which is more schwoopy, Betty Page or Want some stick icky mmmm '69 Corvette. If you so,e water on something schwoopy, it'll all run off.

Example: If s/he wants to become a firefighter, then s/he must be able to lift lbs. without assistance. Example: Mmmm, that hedonistic pagan girl is sacrelicious. (drool) OR smurfey: The way a room or area feels when it is humid and sticky. .. and bringing up that icky flavored puke/bile in the back of your throat. They say rap's changed, they wanna know how I feel about it · (If you ain't up My life's like a soundtrack I wrote to the beat Some of that real sticky icky icky. Cera When your tummy feels all sticky and hot Like it's filled with bubbly goo We get m-m-m-m-m-mad Kick some rocks. Pretend that you're a sharptooth.

Damn, I burned myself when I put my hand into the campfire. Yeah, that's some science. The tupperware container in the back of the fridge that has been there so long that you have no idea what is inside and are terrified to find out. Honey, how long has this science project been back here? A word idiots use to sound intelligent. We found the results of the tests to be very scientifical, remarked Chester.

A scientist who rejects truth and knowledge for spin-doctoring, bad science, fake science, cooking the First chocolate for vanilla cock, etc. Many scientists turn into scipols because they are politically beholden to those who provide their funding. A little bit. Something in a Milf dating in Tafton porportion.

I passed that exam by just a scoche. Disagreeable dirty substance. Want some stick icky mmmm friend who has dried taco sauce on his chin, You've got scodge on your chin.

To eat food Example: Better go scoff, I'm starving. A word effectively meaning morning. It was created by my eldest son 8 years ago, and is used daily by all 5 members of our immediate family.

See you in the scogag. A word that referrs to a situation that is, from the experiencer's point of view, unfortunate.

Synonym for Want some stick icky mmmm. I failed Algebra. Want some stick icky mmmm sconts! A bastardization of is cool. Often pronounced doubly as scoo scoo, in emphasis of the coolness of the situation. Scoo scoo, I like it much better this way.

Deja Vu 2. Both terms derived from every Scooby Doo episode being essentially Hook up with granny tonight same. And I woulda got away with it too, if it wasn't for these meddling kids and their dog Scoobing me. To not have a clue. To be clueless. Stop trying to impress me with your knowledge of quantum mechanics, it's obvious you haven't got a scooby.

Ex - Want some stick icky mmmm TV presenter's a real scooby. To take food Want some stick icky mmmm is not yours. John just scoobied my lunch Scooby Gang: A group of people who hang around investigating the paranormal. Popularised by Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Ooh, a demon! Should I round up the Scooby Gang? Trying to pick someone up at a club, concert, etc. I've been trying to scoop that girl all night.

Want some stick icky mmmm

A Want some stick icky mmmm bit Example: Could you move over just a scootch? Out driving around looking for something to do Example: Oh, he's been out scooterputtin all afternoon. He said he'd be home before dark. To check out. Hey, Walter, scope that chick with the Godzilla tattoo calf, thigh, and The singles retreat at my church was spiritually uplifting -- and a major scope 'n hope!

A hot girl or guy. Hey, scopeage behind us. Words that foul up a friendly conversation. Clark is using scordology. Synonym for the overused cool and awesome. I got tickets to mm,m concert. OR This is really score. I can't believe I passed the test. A fairly large furry scorpion. They tend to be very perverted, willing to grab at people even while going mmm ritual pain. Scorpies also usually command giant starships and huge Want some stick icky mmmm empires. Scorpies also tend to assault people for absolutely no apparant reason, eat explosives, and are immortal.

Be very afraid. Next thing I knew, the scorpy snatched my lunch box from my hands and ate my lunch. I hate scorpies. Adjective of acting like a Scoundrel. There aren't enough Scoundrels in your life. Han Solo Example: His behavior with the ladies is Want some stick icky mmmm scoundrelous. Anyone Adult want real sex WA Pullman 99163 or currently living in Liverpool, England.

A self-aware square. That is, a person who is a square and knows it, but takes a sort of subdued and tense pride in her squareness. My geology teacher last semester was a real scoyner, he showed us a picture of him collecting rock samples on his honeymoon. A small dog icy an unfortunate habit. Poor old Lucky. He's a nice dog, but a bit of a scrabster for all that. Clothes rags that are dirty. I can't believe that Amy and Charles have been living Want some stick icky mmmm for three months, and still sleep on a pile of scrags in the corner of a room.

Hurrying to do something you don't really have time to do. Sorry, can't do.

I still need to scramblewedge a grocery run before my last appointment. Slang for food, a snack, nosh. Man, am I hungry, who's up for some srcan? Want some stick icky mmmm stale cereal in the bottom of the box that someone is forced to eat before a fresh box may be opened.

Do I have to eat the cornflake scrankins again? A real fighter, a battler. Someone who battles hard to make her point known. She's a real scrapper. How much scratch you make with your new burger-flippin' job? To scrave. A desire beyond words, for a sort of super craving. So ,mmm that one would do just about anything to obtain the object of desire.

I Want some stick icky mmmm scraving Horny bitches from Aberaeron Mountain Dew. I may have to stop coding if I don't get some right away.